Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amla Curd Pachadi & Amla Pickle

Amla Pickle or in other terms Indian Gooseberry.In tamil we call it Nellikkaai.Amla is very rich in Vitamin C and it is considered to have more vitamin content when compared to Apple (1 Amla = 2 Apples).
Nellikai Thayir Pachadi:(Amla Curd Raita)

Nellikkai pachadi:
Amla -3
Salt to taste
4 to5 tsp -grated coconut
2 -green chillies
1- tsp oil
1/2 tsp -mustard seeds
½- cup Thick curd
1.Cut the amla into small pieces leaving out the seed. Grind it along with coconut , salt and green chillies.
2.Heat oil, add mustard seeds. When it splutters, add In the grinded amla. Mix this with curd season it with mustard . Pour it on top of gooseberry-curd mixture. Now amla pachadi is ready to serve.

Amla Pickle:

15- clean, fresh amlas
¼ -cup of salt and red chilli powder
Mustard Seeds - 2 Tsps
Fenugreek - 1/4 Tsp(fry and coarse into powder)
Oil – ½ cup
1.Wash amlas thoroughly, clean and dry them.
2.Take oil in a pan and add the amlas
3.Keep flame low and fry them nicely for about 15 mins. As you fry you see that they slowly swell out and start becoming translucent and tender..
4.Remove it from heat, let it cool down to room temperature. With spatula, cut them into pieces

5.Add salt, red chilli powder, and fenugreek powder to the roasted amlas. Mix them all with a clean, dry spoon.
6.Heat oil in a pan , fry mustard seeds until they splutter and remove from the heat . Add it to the pickle, mix thoroughly. Transfer it to an air-tight container. Neer Nellikkai Recipe:
Amla - 1 cup,
water-2 cups,
salt - 1 tsp,
turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
1.Heat water until it boils. Add salt and turmeric powder. After 2 minutes, add the gooseberries and heat for afew minutes. Store the gooseberries along with water inrefrigerator in air tight containers.
2.This is a preserving method for gooseberries. These can then be used in pickles when require.
I am sending this recipes to Vani's AFAM (A Fruit A month) event.