Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let me guide you…

*Successful meal preparation is as much dependent on planning as on cooking skills.
*Time management Begin by familiarizing yourself with the kitchen and get comfortable.
*The first step is to decice the recipes thoroughly before making a final choice. If you choose 2 or more hot dishes, consider their cooking times and oven temperatures.
* If you have only one oven and the temperatures required for the 2 dishes are different, this will present difficulties.
*Sometimes the food is required to be done 2 to 3 hours before hand. Time yourself accordingly in the kitchen.
*Use labour saving devices like a food processor, pressure cooker, a peeler, an electric whisk etc. which will make your job easier and quicker in the kitchen
*Keep the cooking ingredients carefully and check to see whether you have all the ingredients ready with you in the kitchen table.
*The size of containers, individual cookers or the ripeness or tenderness of the foods being used can cause a slight variation
*Measure all the ingredients perfectly using standard cup and spoon measures for flawless results.
*Accurate measurements are essential if you want the same good results each time you cook. Use standard measuring cups and spoons.
*Dress safely when you cook. Wear cottons and other natural fabrics. Do not wear nylons and synthetics. Avoid loose clothing and long broad sleeves. If you are comfortable its safer to wear an apron during cooking.
Keep the kitchen clean:
*Clean up as you cook. It makes less work at the end. After you finish using a utensil, put it in warm soapy water to soak. Wash sharp knives separately and be careful of the sharp blades.
*Wash and dry all the utensils you have used and put them away. Wash the counters and leave the kitchen neat and clean.
*Rub the countertop stains such as mustard, tea, oil or fruit juice with baking soda and a damp cloth or sponge.
*Keep a garbage pail in the corner of the kitchen to prevent odours.
*Discard the bag after you have finished cooking.