Monday, January 3, 2022

Fruit Trifle

Wishing you all a very Happy New year! Starting this New Year delightful dessert Fruit Trifle  

Trifle a quick dessert made with layers of cake and fruits. You can make a trifle with vanilla sponge cake or a chocolate cake. In this recipe I used cake, fruits and whipped cream and some dry fruits and nuts to make the trifle taste delicious and give a variation in the trifle. And it is very simple to make and simply heavenly in taste.


These ingredients are arranged in layers and topped with whipped cream, cherries, nuts .This is a perfect recipe for a party and can be prepared even a day before the party.

You can add any choice of Fruits.








Whipped Cream - 1 cup

Chocolate Brownie - small block (For the Chocolate Brownie Recipe visit my other post here


Making fruit trifle

1. Line half a portion of the chocolate brownie cubes in a serving bowl. You can also make individual portions of the trifles in bowls or dessert glasses

2.Then take the heavy whipping cream and sugar together in a large bowl and whip it nicely using a hand blender till it becomes fluffy.

3.Now take a serving glass, add the bottom layer of brownie in the bottom.

4.Then add chopped fruits .Then the next layer would be whipping cream and crumbled brownie.

5.Then again add one more layer of fruits and top it with whipping cream.


6.Garnish with a slice of cherries and Serve chilled.