Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Diwali Legiyam

Diwali Legiyam is a a homemade herbal medicine of sorts to strengthen the digestive system! This is a traditional medicine that is usually made during Diwali time for easy digestion, ingested before or after enjoying heavy meals, ghee-laden sweets and oily savories on Diwali. It is a must to swallow this legiyam first thing in the morning on the day of Diwali.So  in our family preparing legiyam is must.

Base Ingredients:
Coriander seeds/malli – 50 gm
Pepper/milagu – 25 gm
Cumin/jeera – 25 gm
Ajwain/omam – 25 gm
Dry ginger/sukku – 1 piece(small)
Thipili(arisi)/long pepper – 1 tbsp
Kandanthipilli – 1 tbsp
Chitharathai– 1 piece
Ginger- 20 gms
Ghee- 2 tbsp
1.Dry-roast all the ingredients in a kadai for five minutes on low flame.
2.Soak all other ingredients in water  for few hours. Then  Grind all the ingredients using the soaked water into a fine paste.
3.Wash the Ginger nicely, Peel the skin from the Ginger and clean it well with water then extract the juice from the ginger and remove them of any impurities using a filter.
4.Add water to jaggery, heat until it dissolves, strain and reserve.
5.Heat Kadai. Add ginger juice to a kadai and heat it for a minute.Then add jaggery syrup. Let it boil.
6.While boiling Now add the powder and keep stirring consistency. Add ghee in small intervals and saute till you get a fine paste and it reaches ‘halwa consistency’. 
7.It should be non-sticky; if you can roll it out as soft balls, then you’ve got the right consistency.
8.Remove from heat and allow it cool. Legiyam is ready  and Preserve it in airtight container and can have a scoop whenever needed, its best medicine for digestion and celebrate your Diwali in a healthy way.