Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tough times never last...

I have been through tough times, but each phase inspired me and gave me new insights into managing my life.. But now what i am going through this phase is very tough for me to overcome...I know it’s been so long since I published anything, in fact I haven't cooked anything. I can’t able to do my normal routine for past few days. Really I feel sorry to say that my daughters’ engagement broke off! It is not easy to say or digest..My daughter got engaged a month ago and the marriage is scheduled in next month. We cancelled the marriage for unavoidable reason.. We have all heard the expression, "better a broken engagement today, than a broken home tomorrow."

There are many reasons we decided to cancel a wedding- none of them are happy or easy to take decision. I don’t know… why all this things happened …why it had to happen? I m just clueless…. Just after the engagement, terms between the two families were also not healthy. Relationship is based on trust. If this is missing, there is no point in continuing this relationship. Me & my husband feel s that our daughter may not live happily over there. We both definitely feel that it is not wise to continue..Due to the same, we lost interest in the present marriage and wish to terminate the engagement.

You get only one life to live. Live without regrets & fear.. So we feel that there is no way out, and finally we decided to cancel the marriage. We both didn’t bother that what people r going to think about us. it is our daughter’s life, finally She need to be happy in her life....we can't live for the rest of our life seeing our daughter’s suffering we stand up before it’s too late... it is less painful to call off the wedding now than it is to file for divorce later on. Can I safely exit from it. . There is nothing that can stop you from doing ,so being practical to face reality is not wrong....Finally Everything is over….. The pain is still raw for us and it will take some time for us to come back to normal When you feel you can’t take it anymore... Take it to the Lord! . I think that's one positive thing am doing that we can cry out to our Lord in such painful and difficult time! I just want to say thanks to God for making me strong with each passing day.

I pray that God will give me the grace and strength to manage the challenges in my life.

"Tough time never last but tough people do".


I hate to give the unpleasant subject of plagiarism space in my blog. I’ve been a victim of it. Srilakshmi of mailed me that Anitha's Kitchen of used my image of Veg Frankie post.I post iton’08. thought it would never happen to me...but I understood that no one can escape from these dreadful things. First, I ignored it. And later I decided to write to the people behind those copying my images. I am sure most of you must know the feeling of plagiarism. you get pain when you find your work being reproduced in another place without even a word referring to you. In my tough time I was left feeling awful, helpless at the same time. Sorry to say this after informing also she didn’t remove the image..