Monday, January 19, 2009

Mor Kuzhambu Vadai

Mor Kuzhambu Vadai

Morkuzhambu with Urad-Vada or Ama vada is awesome mouthwatering dish. This curry is prepared using savoury buttermilk or curd. You don't have any vegetables and want to make something yummy for yourself or your guests prepare vada morkuzhambu. Vada can be substituted by any veggies. The soft spongy urad dal /ama vadas soaked in tangy spicy mor kuzhambu This is one of the tastiest Morkuzhambu and is also ready in a moment. A traditional dish,more kuzhambu is specially made during festivals. every SouthIndian family will have their own style of preparation... A not too sour curd makes good mor kozhambu.. I used to prepare in both vadas. But today I prepare it with amawada.This dish can be served with rice. And here comes the tasty recipe!


Thick curds - 2 Cups

Turmeric powder - 1/4 tea spoon

Red chillies – 2

Green chilli-2or 3

Curry leaves for garnishing

Salt to taste

oil - 1 tea spoon

Masala to grind

Green Chilli - 2to 3/ red chilli-2

Coconut - (Optional) 2 Teaspoons

Rice - 1 Teaspoon

(Note- You may use rice flour instead of rice)coriander and curry leaves.

For seasoning

Oil - 1/2 Teaspoon

Mustard Seeds- 1/2 teapsoon

Red Chili – 1


1.In a large vessel whisk the curds until its creamy and smooth. Add 3 cups of water and mix well till there is not lumps. After you soak the above, grind to a smooth consistency.

2.For making the Morkuzhambu,Add the turmeric, salt and ground paste and mix well and let it all come to a smooth boil on a low flame. have to keep stirring so the yogurt does not separate and this mixure should just get warm, not Boiling Hot.

4.For seasoning, in a seperate vessel, add the oil and once it becomes hot,add the mustard seeds and the red chili and once the mustard seeds sputter pout this on the morkuzhambu)

Making the vada here:

Start adding spoon fulls (you can as well make patties out of the dough and fry in the oil. If you find it difficult drop in spoon fulls) of the dough (do not crowd) and fry them until golden. Let it become golden brown and turn both sides equally and take out Drain in a kitchen towel and add it to the boling Mor kuzhambu and garnish with the coriander and curry leaves.