Saturday, January 17, 2009




The fragrantly sweet juiciness and deep red color of strawberries can brighten up both the taste and aesthetics of any meal; it is no wonder they are the most popular berry fruit in the world.

Whirl up the berries with yogurt and honey to create this creamy, refreshing smoothie that's high in vitamin C. It makes a fast and healthy breakfast shake or a delicious low-calorie snack-in-a-glass, any time of the day. Strawberries not only look like a fruity heart-shaped valentine, they are filled with unusual phytonutrients that love to promote your health.Strawberries are not only naturally sweet and delicious but also an excellent source of vitamin C. Ounce for ounce, strawberries provide more vitamin C than fresh oranges.

Yogurt contains active bacterial cultures that eat the milk sugar lactose help digest the naturally occurring sugar (lactose) in milk that can cause bloating and diarrhea in some people. Since yogurt is made from dairy products, it is very high in calcium, which is highly beneficial for bone and teeth health. Yogurt is also a good source of protein, which helps give the body energy to keep you going throughout the day. Protein is an essential building block for many systems in the body, Mixing plain low fat or non-fat yogurt with fresh fruit is your best bet.

This refreshing strawberry yogurt smoothie takes only a few minutes to prepare.Here ‘s a A DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY AND REFRESHING TREAT.


• 500 gm- Yogurt

• 1/2 cup -Strawberry (crushed)

• 1/4 -cup Milk

• Honey-2 tbsp

• Custard Powder- 1 tbsp

• Sugar-2to 3 tbsp( depends upon their individual taste)

• Fresh strawberries for garnishing


1. Mix milk, custard powder and sugar in a pan.

2. Cook over medium flame while stirring continuously.

3. When the mixture gets thickens and turns creamy, put off the flame.

4. Cool it for some time.

5. Combine the above mixture, honey, yogurt and strawberry crush into a blender.

6. Blend it into a fine paste, chill.

7. Garnish with fresh strawberries and serve.