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Adhirasam is a traditional south Indian sweet which is made in almost every house in tamilnadu during important festivals. A sweet snack made with rice flour and jaggery.. Making Adhirasams is a tough job and the most important part in making the adirasams is the SOFT BALL CONSISTENCY. If the syrup reaches more than soft ball consistency, the adhirasams will become hard. If the syrup is taken before the soft ball consistency, the adhirasams will break while frying in oil. The most important part in making adhirasam is the the 'paagu'(syrup) part. If u get the correct consistency of the paagu the adhirasam will taste really delicious.Today I prepared Adhirasams , Karthikai Pori, Adai as aneividyamfor Karthikai Deepam. Know more about Karthikai Deepam read my Article Here


Raw rice- 1 kg

Jaggery- 1/2 kg

Cardomom - 4 to 5

Oil for deep Frying


1.Soak raw rice for about 6-7 hours. Wash, drain the water and spread the rice on a dry cloth for few minutes in a shady area to make sure that the rice is dry. Make a fine powder of it in a blender,sieve if necessary and keep aside. The flour should be slightly damp.

2.Add 1/4 cup of water in a thick bottom pan and add the jaggery to it.

3.When the jaggery melts completely filter it in a strainer to get rid of the dirt. keep stirring the filtered jaggery in low heat.

4. When it is thick, check the consistency by pouring a drop of syrup in a cup of water. The syrup should not melt in water and when touched by finger it should roll into a soft ball. It should not be hard. This is the right consistency. (To test: Put little syrup in cold water. It should mould into ball when rolled with fingers

5.Add the cardamom powder to the syrup. Add the flour quickly little by little and stir so that it does not form lumps.

6. Add just enough flour till the syrup holds Stop adding flour when it becomes firm like chappati dough consistency.

7.Apply little ghee to another vessel and transfer the mixture to that vessel. Pat well and put little ghee on top. Leave it outside overnight. (You can store the dough in the refrigerator or without refeigrator for 3 to 6 months.)Note: I had stored it then and whenever I want I make delicious Adhirasam)

8.Meanwhile heat oil in a thick bottom pan. When you are ready , take a small scoop of the jaggery rice flour.

Oil your palms and make a ball with the flour. Then flatten it on a banana leaf.

9. Pat each ball into a thin, round and flat disc of 2" radius on a banana leaf or a plastic sheet. Fry each one in oil on low flame till deep brown and remove.

10.To remove the oil completely, place it between two flat ladles and press. Repeat the procedure till the dough is over. Allow to cool and store them...

In our village for functions and for marriages they make Adirasam in this size or bigger than this size. Just I tried one in big sizeThis is seerOr cheeru Adhirasam

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