Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence day & Some Thoughts....

While India is celebrating Independence day some thoughts come to my mind.. I wish to share my thoughts with you all...This year, there has been deficiency in the monsoon. Agriculture and availability of water have been severely affected by the scanty rainfall this year.This would definitely have some adverse impact on our crops. The agriculture situation is disturbing; there would be pressure on food prices; rising prices of food grain, pulses and other goods of daily use. With festive seasons ahead we in India are going to face serious shortages in pulses & prices are shooting up like never before.... Take example..Tur dal (Pigeon - pea) has touched the magical fiqure of Rs.100 per kg. Not only turdal remaining food items like Urad dall, Moong dall, Rajmah, arhar and Massor where our domestic productions hit low.. the market the prices be at its peak which will make consumers a worst nightmare.

Take notice of Vegetables which has become scarce commodity for the reach of common public since its prices are soaring so high. Due to less arrival of sugarcanes; productivity of sugar will be lesser than last year’s which may lead price increase in sugar related commodities. Our agricultural techniques and productivity increased considerably along with improved irrigation methods, rotation of crops in a year according to the location of land, soil & climatic conditions....we were not able to preserve our agricultural produce for its longevity due to less managed storage facilities, improper ware house techniques, substandard sack packagings and inefficient measures to weed out pests. Automatically whatever food stocks we have harvested & stored in our godowns gets damaged. Our food grains from storage yards eaten away by rats, fungicides & become unfit for human consumptions.

Many of our agricultural lands are now become housing / industrial plots due to the short term greed and in the long run we will be left with shortage of cultivation lands.... Already the agriculture has become so expensive with increased cost of seeds, less man power available for such jobs as many of them migrated to urban areas for greener pastures, high cost of fertilizers, chemicals and less market price for their agro products.

As Indians we can rightly be proud of our country’s natural beauty, Its Rich cultural heritage, Its ancient wisdom, Its glorious freedom struggle and Its industrial & agricultural progress.

We have everything.

We are self sufficient.

We have all resources.

But then why we cant ????

On this Independence day..

Our Country needs another Green Revolution. "Save Water" should be one of our national slogans.

Unity in diversity …… and towards continual progress....
Tomorrow should be clear dawn...We have to write our bright future…

Vande Mataram... Vande Mataram ...Vande Mataram!