Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sisel - Home Made Chocolates

Make Moments of Life With Our Sisel
Hi Friends,
I have an announcement to make to u all.I have launched my own Chocolate making business &chocolate workshop. My Brand name is called SiselChoklat.
We Take Immense Pleasure to introduce Sisel Chocklat!  It all began with a dream that embodied a love for chocolate and become a desire this dream shaped up and christened Sisel.
Sisel Means Sweet... It is Luscious, Irresistible, & load of love...
Sisel is a wonderland of fresh, enchanting and delicious chocolates. Chocolates are completely home - made with hand - picked ingredients and are crafted under strict hygienic conditions. We value freshness and quality above all. The mouth watering chocolates will certainly titillate your taste buds!
Just about everybody likes chocolate, and some people are absolutely passionate about it. Chocolates usually make any day instantly better. It is a welcome gift for almost any occasion when it involves making an unforgettable impression. Chocolate is truly a gift from the Gods. You can eat it, gift it, and decorate with it.
Celebration always goes hand in hand with tempting chocolates. If you are looking for giving away your love and wishes for the smile of a new born or proposing your beloved or appreciating your employee’s success or just to express your genuine care, you have reached the most appropriate destination.
Sisel Choklat is completely specialized in making homemade chocolates and offers a wide range of flavors to choose from. The homemade chocolates are 100% vegetarian. We offer you more than 80 varieties of chocolates in a variety of flavors to suit our customers taste. Experience the new meaning of chocolates that you can’t find at your local shops.It’s like this.. Others Things are Just Food.. But Chocolate’s Chocolate!!!

All our orders are freshly prepared, on the day you require. This guarantees each piece of chocolate is fresh and delicious. Our strength lies in the dedication of our workforce.
Chocolate making is not just a business for us, IT’S A PASSION!!!
Celebrate, Enjoy, Appreciate each n every occasion of your life with Our Sisel!

For Orders
To Contact Email-: siselchoklat@gmail.com