Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kali kindina dosai

Kalikindina dosai
This is a very old fashioned recipe of Kerala.This is also called " koozu kachina dosai". it takes time to master this art of making neer dosa. Neer Dosa is a special kind of dosa from Karnataka (Dakshina Kannada) prepared from rice. Neer in Kannada means ‘Water’. Neer dosa is prepared by grinding soaked rice into a thin watery batter and then made into pancakes (thin) on hot griddle. Neer dosa is very easy to prepare as you can make it without much planning and is easy to make and tasty too. The best part is this dosa does not require any fermentation. This dosa comes out lacy thin and white.

Raw rice - 3 cup
Boiled rice-1 cup
Coconut- 1(grated)
Salt- as per taste
1.Soak both rice together & grind vey fine adding coconut & salt.
2.Take 1 cup of the paste, mix with more than 2 cup of water & cook stirring to prevent lump formation, to get a porridge.This is called “ kali”.Cool it thoroughly & mix with the remaining batter.
3.The batter should be very liquid almost in water consistency.
4.When the tava is hot, take in a ladle & pour from around in a circular fashion, till you reach the centre.Very little oil is enough and cook covered for another 1-2 mins.– (do not spread from the centre as we do normally for dosais.)
5.Once cooked, carefully remove from tawa and serve hot with coconut chutney or tomato chutney or with brinjal gothsu.