Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eggless Date Cake..

I am no baker - cook I can, bake I can't! Still I decided to make a date cake.Came across this Incredible Date cake from egg less baking book. It was very simple and since I had the right ingredients tried the recipe the same day the taste turned out excellent.


100 gms-Dates

15o gms- Maida



½ cup- Butter

1 tea spn baking soda

Chopped cashew or walnuts-1/2 cup


If using the regular dates with seeds, you will need to soak them overnight in milk and de-seed them in the morning. But, with the chopped ones that I used, there is no need to soak. Just grind the dates with the milk and sugar till it forms a smooth mixture.

Sift the baking soda and flour together. In a mixing bowl combine butter, sugar, the date milk mixture well.

Slowly add flour and baking powder mix into the wet ingredients ensuring no lumps and an even batter.

Add it to the above mixture little by little and beat till mixed well. Add the nuts and mix.

Once done fold in the nuts and pour into a greased baking pan and bake at 350 for 40 -45 minutes or till a knife inserted comes out clean.

Remove from over and cool before cutting into slices. Serve warm with tea or coffee.