Saturday, January 3, 2009

Marie biscuits Choco balls

Hurray !!!!!! This is my 100th post! In this journey of blogging for past 8 months,& cooking for past 23 years. " I married to a big family with 6 brothers & 3 sisters who stayed as a joined family. As Iam a only daughter in my family and not known much about cooking . KNOWN IS THE DROP, UNKNOWN IS AN OCEAN"as per proverb Still I learn t so many things apart from cooking... First how to maintain Patience, Adjusting ,and compromising others, all time smiling ; Loving all family members..Knowing their taste according to that cooking .. For example I learn t How to make coffee according to their taste.My husband, My Father in law.. they need varieties. Repeating the same they doesn’t like.. And In my in laws family all r sweet toothed... Always In my home some sweets & karam will be in stock...So many things I got vast experience in past 23 years.. Still I am learning from them...

Last year My daughter got transfer to delhi. And she didn’t get gud food in her PG. So for her& relaxing myself from my work.. I started My recepie Blog... But now through blogging I got so many lovely friends…And Lovely new recepies..I become a Gr8 fan of all of your recepies.. I learnt a lot through my blogger friends and Still learning from them.Thank you so much for all your support, interaction, loveliness and encouragement.

Thanks for my regular visitors for regularly visiting my blog and encouraging and inspiring me with your lovely comments . Special Thanks to My dear hubby,My daughter & My son. who is encouraging me on my every post, my photos, my cooking etc. and the criticism starts from my house, the moment they tasted the dish I prepared. My Mother in law is a wonderful & Enthusiastic woman. She worked till her last breathe, I never saw her sitting Idle for a minute.I learnt so many food varieties & techniques from her.... I wish to thank her.. If she is there She will be the first person to feel happy about blogging.. Now she is nomore.. I love you …

Ahead of all the above things, the whole and soul inspiration I got from my beloved mother. From her only I learnt not only cooking but so many things in my life. My father was awonderful person who earned lot of fame through his good deeds. but I lost him in my age of six.From then My mother is everything for me..I love my dad lotI.I am missing him lot till today...I dedicated this blog to my mother.& Father... Amma , Appa Thank u for every thing & I love u Amma& Appa......

Marie biscuits Choco balls:
Its a pretty easy recipe!I had lots of plain tea time biscuits lying in my pantry, so I had to think of a way to use them up. but it tastes really good. Marie biscuits Chocolate balls are so tempting one's with the decor of desiccated coconut.This was something I learnt to make during many years back

In gredients:

Marie biscuits, -1Pkt

½ Cup Sweetened Condensed milk

3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

4 tbsp Butter, softened

1-2 tsp Milk, if required

For the Topping:

½ Cup Desiccated coconut

Cadbury’s Gems- 1pkt


Crush biscuits finely to make a fine powder. Sieve and keep aside.

Cream butter in a medium bowl. Add the fine biscuit powder, the cocoa powder and the condensed milk.

Knead gently into a smooth dough. Make small balls.

Roll in desiccated coconut and press with gems chocolate or with cherry/ strawberry or Form into balls and roll in the chocolate sprinkles.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours for best results. These will store for up to a week in an air tight container.

Yummy! Marie choco balls Ready.