Monday, April 13, 2009



Thalipeeth is a type of a savory pancake which is a popular dish of Maharashtra.. It is spiced pancake with flavor and nutrition.. It is a tasty and quick-to-make snack once you have made and stored the flour.. The recipe can be accessorized as per your likings and it makes a delicious breakfast, quick lunch or for dinner. I always made this thalipeeth with so many flour(Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, wheat,besan,rice,) and many different types of grains...dal, and spices, all roasted and ground into a wonderful aromatic flour.. Traditional way to serve thalipeeth is with green chutney and either some plain yogurt or a dollop of butter.


Jowar (Sorghum) flour-1/2cup

Ragi (millet) flour} -1/2 cup

Nachani (finger millet-1/2 cup

Besan (chickpea flour)- 1/2 cup


Rice flour-1/2cup

Wheat flour-1/2 cup

Cumin powder-1/2 tsp

1 tsp coriander powder-1 tsp

Onion-1cut into small pieces

Green chilies, minced-4-5

cilantro-2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Water to knead

Oil to cook


1 .Mix all ingredients (except oil). Add water as required, a little at a time and knead to form, a soft dough.

2 .Divide dough into 7-8 equal portions. Flatten each portion on a grease (with oil) banana leaf or a thick polythene sheet, into a round shape.

3 . If you are using plastic sheet apply some oil to the sheet. Then take one ball, flatten it in your palm & then place that flattened ball on sheet. Press that ball with your fingers evenly. Make sure thalipeeth should be just size of your palm because if you make it bigger it will break while lifting it. Dip hand in water in between, if it is not spreading properly.

4 . Heat non-stick tava or griddle. Apply some oil. Remove thalipeeth from sheet gently & place it on the tava.

5. Spoon a little oil on the sides and cook on a low heat till it turns crisp and golden brown.

6. Turn the thalipeeth and cook the other side, as above. Cook till it becomes crispy, brown on both sides.

7 . Serve hot with ,chutney, yogurt or homemade butter.

Green Chutney:

Cilantro- 1 bunch

Green chilli-2

Lime juice- 2 tsp

RoastedPeanuts- handful

Salt to taste

Grind all ingridients to fine paste.thens dd lemon juice mix well and serve.This chutney goes along with all dishes.