Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pal therattipal (Palgova)

A traditional and delicious Dessert made in southern part of India. It tastes splendid from the way it looks .It’s an integral part of dessert for any ritual in a Brahmin household the first sweet which comes to mind before starting any happy occasion is Theratti Pal. It is a very important part of Tamil Brahmin functions. . Be it an engagement or a wedding, a baby shower or the first birth day of a baby, or an upanayanam (thread ceremony)Palthirattipal  is the sweet to be prepared first..I feel Palthirattipal  is the king of  all sweets. It  is really treat for all the senses, especially to the nose and the tongue.Making this sweet needs so much of patience, since it is prepared over low heat. I Just love this..Not only me my family’s fav sweet. In my childhood days my mother often makes this for us. Now I often make this sweet for my family!And One more think to make this sweet is I completed three years of blogging :)
Milk -     1 Litre
1.Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan or kadai  .Stir the milk to avoid overflow.
2.Keep boiling till the milk thickens and reduces to 1 cup of quantity
3.Once the milk thickens and reduces its volume, add the sugar and mix well... and keep stirring frequently to prevent burning.
4.Continue to stir well till the thirattipal starts to thicken without sticking on to the sides of pan and leaves the sides of the vessel and come together with a coarse consistency

5.Remove from flame. Now Yummy and the delicious Pal therattipal(Palgova) is ready for serving. We can get 1 cup of thirattipal from 1 litre of milk.