Monday, May 1, 2017

Keerai Vadai

Keerai vadai  is a tea time snack popular in Tamil Nadu .  It tastes irresistibly delicious something which is different from the regular vadas. Keerai vadai can be prepared with any combination of dhals. To get a soft keerai vadai, use only urad dhal. For crispy vada use channa dal. I have made these vadais with urad dal, onion, spinach & fresh coriander. Spinach give flavour to these vadas and Deliciously crispy on the outside and soft flavorsome and fluffy on the inside. You can have this as evening snack with a cup of coffee/tea.

Urad dal – 1 cup
Spinach– 1 cup Finely chopped
Green chilly – 3 no finely chopped
Ginger – 1 tsp grated
Onion – 2 medium size finely chopped
Curry leaves – few
Salt- as required
Oil – To deep fry.
Coriander leaves-2tbsp finely chopped
1. Soak the urad dal in enough water for 2 hours .Drain the water from the soaked urad dal and grind it nicely to smooth batter adding approximately 4-5 tablespoons water.
2.Mean while chop the onion, green leaves, ginger and green chilly. take a vessel add the onion green chilly and leaves ,curry leaves ginger and urad dal batter adjust salt. mix well with your hand for a minute to get a homogenous batter.
3.Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel or kadai.   Wet your hand in water, take a large ball of the urad dal mixture in your hand and place it on a moistened plastic sheet.
4. Shape it into a flat vadai and make a hole in the center or else  take the required amount of batter in fingers, and shape it and make a center hole .
5. Reduce the heat to medium. Then transfer the flattened batter to your hand from the leaf/ziploc bag and drop it into the hot oil carefully.
6.Once it is slightly cooked, flip it over to the other side and cook both sides until golden brown. Serve the delicious keerai vadai with coconut chutney and Filter Coffee/Tea.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Prasava Legiyam (: Pillai Petha Marundu)

Child births is one of the most beautiful phenomenon in anyone's lifetime. However considering the amount of strain the mothers go through before and after the birth is unbelievable and extremely tiring physically. ancient traditions used food effectively to help mothers go through that challenging this phase with ease and good health. That is Pillai petha marundu. It's eaten by women who have recently had a baby. The medicine is a mixture of herbs.
This medicine/ legiyam given after a fortnight after delivery. a lehyam is eaten about a spoonfull in early morning in empty stomach., even before the coffee or tea. After taking this legiyam for one hour they should not drink water or any food.Having betal leaves is helpful for digestion.  

This legiyam  is eaten for three months. It will help in the healing of  surgical wound, increase production of milk, help proper digestion and bowel movements. Give relief to constipation, help contraction of uterus, enhance excretion of waste, relieve body pain etc. Along with this legiyam Giving Pathiya sappadu after delivery is considered as very important to maintain the health.
I made this Pillai petha marundu for my daughter who recently delivered baby boy. 
Sukku-50 gm
omam-50gm, ஓமம்
Chitharathai-50gm, சித்தரத்தை
kanda thippili-50gm, கண்டதிப்பிலி
arisi thippili-100gm, அரிசிதிப்பிலி
vaayu vidangam-50gm, வாயுவிடங்கம்
krambhu/lavang-50gm, க்ராம்பு
vaal milagu-50gm, வால்மிளகு
seeragam-50gm, ஜீரகம்
perunjeeragam-50gm, பெருஞ்ஜீரகம்
kasturi manjal-50 gm, கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள்
athimathuram 50 gm, அதிமதுரம்
virali manjal-50gm, விராளி மஞ்சள்
adhi vidayam-50gm, அதிவிடயம்
kadukkai -50gm, கடுக்காய்
thaalisa pathri-50 gm, தாளிசாபத்திரி
Preparing the legiyam
The prepared powder - 1 cup
Palm jaggery (Karupatti Vellam)-1/4 kg
Honey - 100gm
Ginger juice-100gm
1.Clean all above items and Sundry all the ingredients individually for a day.
2.Take sundried items in kadai and Roast each of them individually till aroma comes. After cooling mix all the roasted ingredients and make them into fine powder form using a mixie.
3.Clean all above items and Sundry all the ingredients individually for a day. In a hot kadai, dry roast ingredients one by one, just until they become hot to touch and reserve.
4.Once all the ingredients come to room temperature, get them all ground to a fine powder in a mixie.
5.Cool the ground powder by spreading on a clean paper and store it.
6.Peel the skin from the Ginger and clean it well with water. extract the juice from the ginger and remove them of any impurities using a filter.
7.Add water to palm jaggery, heat until it dissolves, strain and reserve.
8.Heat Kadai. Add 1/2 glass of ginger juice to a kadai and heat it for a minute.
9.Then add honey and then the palm jaggery syrup. Let it boil.
10.While boiling Now add the powder and keep stirring until it comes to a non-sticky halwa like consistency.
11.Once the mix starts to become like a paste, reduce the heat to low flame and add the ghee  12.When you touch the paste and it should not stick to your finger, its time to take the kadai out of the flame and keep it aside.
13. Finally add rest of the honey as required and mix it well and let it cool down.
14.After the mix has been cooled down, transfer it to a bottle jar or stainless steel container.
 15.Enjoy the medicine as required by eating it in small balls in the morning hours with empty stomach. Do not each too much as it will cause heavy bowel movement.
 This is an excellent  herbal medicine for everyone and especially for post pregnancy women.
*  This measurement of legiyam I made  is for a week .

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kappu Arisi

Happy to share I become Proud Grandma.My daughter blessed with baby boy. So on the 11th day Punyavachaman the naming ceremony and Thottil function celebrated in my home. I made Kappu Arisi and Thottil payaru for the function.

Kappu arisi is a traditional sweet made in our home during the naming ceremony of the new born child . This is made with rice and jaggery  roasted dal and coconuts which has a crispy texture,adds extra flovour to this dish. Generally we do the Punyavachanam (naming ceremony) for the baby on the 11th day from the day it is born .In tirunelveli dist we make Kappu Arisi in Pottu Kadalai/Roasted gram for this function. This is a unique dish is prepared on just two occasions. On the seventh day after the birth of the child, his/her athai (father’s sister) gifts the newborn golden/silver anklets and amulets, or kaapu. The arisi-pottu kadali (rice-roasted gram) mix prepared on this day and offered to all guests, and during the ear piercing ritual. The Kappu Arisi Pottu Kadalai is prepared on this day in many households.We celebrated this on 11 th day of baby's birth.


Pottukadalai/Pori kadalai/ Roasted gram -250 gm

Raw Rice -  1 cup

Jaggery  - 150gm

Coconut bits    - 1/2 cup
Ghee- 1tbsp 
 Cardamom powder-   1/4 tsp

1.Wash rice. Soak a little, and wash again and strain off the water. Dry in a shady place, on a piece of cloth.

2.When the rice is not completely dry, roast it little by little in a frying pan slightly. (Do not allow the rice to become reddish.)

3.Dry roast pottukadalai bit. Then With the jaggery  add little water make a one string paagu /consistency and Remove jaggery syrup from  gasstove.

4.Then add grate coconut pieces, cardamom powder, porikadalai /pottu kadalai Rice and ghee all the above and mix thoroughly.
5. Keep it spread. Let the mixture cool.. Now kappu arisi is ready.