Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mango Thokku

Mango Thokku
Here is a simple and delicious mango thokku recipe. Mango thokkuis a pickle prepared in kitchens in the South. When mangoes abound in the Summer, we prepare this pickle for the season. The thokku, properly stored and maintained, lasts for up to 6 months. It is prepared using green sour mangos (kairee's). The taste & texture of this thokku can be varied by adding different spices& can also be a matter of personal taste.This is will suitable with hot plain rice and also good with idli , dosas ,Chapati, paratha, upma etc.
1. Sour, Raw Mangoes - 5 to 8
2. Red Chillies (dry) - 50 grms
3. Fenugreek seeds - 2 tsp
4. 1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
5. Oil - 2 cup
6. Sea Salt to taste
7. Jaggery grated - 2 tsp (as per taste)
8. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
9. Asafetida / hing - 1/2 tsp
Method for Masala powder
1. Dry roast the fenugreek seeds first.
2. Then fry chillies.
3. Make a nice powder in the mixer

1.Grate the Mango. Keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. Allow spluttering.
3.Now add turmeric powder and the grated mangoes slowly.
4.Cook the mangoes in the oil on low flame. Stirring occasionally
5.Add the salt and chilli powder, and turn the heat down to medium.
6.Keep stirring from time to time.
7.When the quantity reduces to two-thirds of the original amount, add the rest of the oil and stir for about 2-3 minutes.
8.Add the methi powder and then add jaggery stir thoroughly. Keep on the stove for a minute more.
9.Remove the pan off the heat. Keep aside uncovered until cool.
10.Store in a clean, dry bottle, and cover tightly.

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sriharivatsan said...

Thokka parthona naaku ooorardhe..With curd rice, it is like heaven..Ungakule nanna iruka ipdi tempt panreenga enga elloriyum..Not fair..

Unknown said...

wow so mouthwatering nice color too

Rathna said...

Wow...I can taste the tanginess of the mango. Nice recipe.

Premyscakes said...

jaishree thokku looks very much inviting, it is so mouth watering.

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

that is a deleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecious thokku Jaisree. goes great with curd rice.. super.

AnuSriram said...

Mango thokku is my favourite.. The irresistable tangy flavour with spices.. Hmmm.. Lovely! I ahve soemthing for u in my blog. Pls accept!

Madhu's cooking gallery said...

yummy!!! tangggggyyy .. drooling.. looks delicious!

Purva Desai said...

This pickle looks sizzling spicy....Being in Mumbai I am glued to the T.V......ur pickle reminds me of Nylon's pickle AD....Ungliya Chaat te rah jaoge types ;)

Jaishree Iyer said...

Thank you sriharivatsan, rekha,rathna,prema.mahi anu, purva.tht is nice to know you all liked this pickle.thanks for lovely comments:)

Raks said...

Hi Jaishree,
Please collect you well deserved award here! :)

Unknown said...

Mouthwatering.. i am also making same method.. nice click.. enakku enga nalla mangai kidaikka mattenguthu..

Sia said...

nothing can get better than this delicious mango thokku. if i can only get some real, raw mangoes (not those yellow ones). thanks for sharing the recipe jaishree. i am bookmarking it.

vidhas said...

Mango thokku parthala sapadumpola erukku. Will surely give a try.

A_and_N said...

Looks lovely! This is one of my favs with thayir saadham :)

Adlak's tiny world said...

really my mouth is watering jaishree... can u post thakkali thokku,, also dear. let me know when u post it...

Unknown said...

Naaku oraradhu! Great with curd rice:-)

Vidhya said...

looks perfect Jaishree. I love mango thokku

Dershana said...

super thokku...thayir sadam koode kalakala irukkum!

Jaishree Iyer said...

Thank you raji for lovely award & for lovely vomments:)
Thank u sia, sripriya,vidas A&N,hema.nithya, vidhya, dershana for valuable comments:)

Vikis Kitchen said...

OMG ! this recipe makes me mouthwatering:)

Gayathri said...

Thokku looks absolutely delicious, i love all types of lemon and mango pickles

Vishali said...

Hi there...ur mango pickle looks perfect...i just love pickles and that too spicy ones...good one :)