Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sambar Powder

1. Coriander seeds : 4 cups
2. Dried red chillies 3½ cups
3. Toor dal : 1cup
4. Urad dal:1/2cup
5. Black pepper ;1tsp
6. channa dal :1/2 cup
7. Methi :1tsp
8.curry leaves :few leaves
9:Halthi powder: 11/2tablespoon
Fry the above ingredients separately(without oil) till hot and make a fine powder then add Halthi powder and store in an air tight container.! With the help of this powder you can make delicious sambar.
Rasam powder:
Coriander seeds -1 cup.
Toor dal -1/2 cup.
Channadal -1/2 cup.
Pepper corns -2 table spoons.
Jeera -1 table spoon.
Dry red chilli -20nos.

Dry the above ingredients in the sun separately , powder it.Powder should not be very fine.Store in an airtight container and use when required.

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