Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Green Peppercorn Pickle( Kurumilagu Urugai)

Green Peppercorn Pickle is one of my favorites. . Fresh green peppercorns are un-ripened form of black peppercorns. it’s rare to find fresh green pepper in the market but if you ever do please make this pickle! It looks very attractive .It’s unbelievably simple and easy to make. Last week, I saw this greenPeeper in market after so long years ..and made piclkle immediately.This pickle doesn’t have many dry spices .It’s fragrant with fresh lime and the blend of pepper and green chili flavors. It tastes the best when served with curd rice.


Green peppercorn bunch – 100 gram


Turmeric powder –1/2teaspoon

Lemon –2 to 3 no (half cup juice approximately)

Water – 2 cups



 1. Boil two cups of water in a pan; when it starts boiling, add salt, turmeric powder; boil it for few more seconds; remove and allow it to cool completely.

2.Rinse green peppercorns in water (without breaking into pieces) with stalks and dry it on a towel to absorb water; now put green peppercorns in a bowl;  add salt-turmeric water and  lemon juice

3.Transfer this to a glass jar  green peppercorns must be fully submerged.

4.Let it remain for 4 to 5 days. There after this Fresh Green Peppercorns Picklecan be used. This is how it looks after 5 days. It tastes hot, sour and salty.

5.The peppercorn stalks will change to a somewhat dull and dirty greenish colour


Priya Suresh said...

Never cooked this green peppercorn, i have seen them in nearby chinese store,pickle sounds fabulous akka.

Prema said...

I tasted this once very long back,will search for this milagu...thanks for the recipe:)