Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Kappu Arisi

Happy to share I become Proud Grandma.My daughter blessed with baby boy. So on the 11th day Punyavachaman the naming ceremony and Thottil function celebrated in my home. I made Kappu Arisi and Thottil payaru for the function.

Kappu arisi is a traditional sweet made in our home during the naming ceremony of the new born child . This is made with rice and jaggery  roasted dal and coconuts which has a crispy texture,adds extra flovour to this dish. Generally we do the Punyavachanam (naming ceremony) for the baby on the 11th day from the day it is born .In tirunelveli dist we make Kappu Arisi in Pottu Kadalai/Roasted gram for this function. This is a unique dish is prepared on just two occasions. On the seventh day after the birth of the child, his/her athai (father’s sister) gifts the newborn golden/silver anklets and amulets, or kaapu. The arisi-pottu kadali (rice-roasted gram) mix prepared on this day and offered to all guests, and during the ear piercing ritual. The Kappu Arisi Pottu Kadalai is prepared on this day in many households.We celebrated this on 11 th day of baby's birth.


Pottukadalai/Pori kadalai/ Roasted gram -250 gm

Raw Rice -  1 cup

Jaggery  - 150gm

Coconut bits    - 1/2 cup
Ghee- 1tbsp 
 Cardamom powder-   1/4 tsp

1.Wash rice. Soak a little, and wash again and strain off the water. Dry in a shady place, on a piece of cloth.

2.When the rice is not completely dry, roast it little by little in a frying pan slightly. (Do not allow the rice to become reddish.)

3.Dry roast pottukadalai bit. Then With the jaggery  add little water make a one string paagu /consistency and Remove jaggery syrup from  gasstove.

4.Then add grate coconut pieces, cardamom powder, porikadalai /pottu kadalai Rice and ghee all the above and mix thoroughly.
5. Keep it spread. Let the mixture cool.. Now kappu arisi is ready.

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