Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rava Milk Burfi

Rava Milk burfi is an instant sweet dish recipe with available ingredients at home. This sweet is Rich, Delicious, melt in mouth soft and rich texture. All those who crave for sweet can have this delectable barfi anytime of the day. Apart from , all the sweet lovers Everyone will surely relish eating this sumptuous burfi. Today I made this Burfi for my son's birthday and Aadivelli



Rava - 1 cup

Milk-3 cups

Ghee- 1 cup

Sugar- 4cups

Saffron - for garnishing(optional)


1.In a heavy bottomed pan add all above ingredients and mix it well. Now turn on the heat.Keep the flame in medium and stir it continuously.

2. After 1o minutes it starts bubbling and you can feel nice aroma of ghee and milk.

3. Slowly the entire mixture will reaches a thick consistency say in about 15 minutes to 20 min and leaves the sides of the kadai.

4.Switch of the flame and stir well and Pour on to a greased tray and and allow it to cool then cut into desire shape after 5 minutes, with a sharp knife and garnish with saffron strands.

Now Burfi is ready .enjoy!

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