Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sathu Maavu Kanchi/Health Mix Porridge

 Sattu Maavu(Multi-Grain Powder )a healthy and nutritious powder which can be given to all age group people. It is very 'Nutritious Flour'. It is mainly used to make Kanji /Porridge. It is prepared using variety of grains and nuts. This health mix powder or energy mix powder and it is very flavorful .When my kids going to school I prepare this kanji for them . It is very filling and nutritious too and  very good alternative to the usual breakfast. After long time now I made this  health mix for my daughter for her post pregnancy .

Whole wheat- 250 grams
Ragi/finger millet 100 grams
Kambu/ Indian millet 100 grams
barley -50 grams
Green gram/moong dal- 100 grams
Par-boiled rice -100 grams
Saago/saboodana- 100 grams
Ground nuts/peanuts -100 grams
Roasted split Chickpeas - Pottukadalai-100gms
For kanji:
Milk- 1 cup
 Warm Water – 1 cup
Health mix powder –1 to 2 tbsp
Sugar 2-3 spoons
Clean all the ingredients
Dry roast all the ingredients) separately until you get a nice aroma of roasted ingredients. Spread the roasted ingredients on a plate to cool. Then mix everything together.
Get it ground in a flour mill to a fine powder. Spread it on a plate to cool and then store it in an air tight container.
Just Before Serving:
Mix 1-2 tbsp of health mix powder with enough water without lumps. Cook on low flame, stirring continuously until it starts thickening. Then add needed milk and sugar. Your porridge/sathu maavu kanji is ready.

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