Friday, July 18, 2008

Aadi velli kizhamai & Maa Vilaku

Panchamruta vilakku

This tamil month marks the beginning of all festivals during the festival season.All the fridays falling in the month of aadi are considered very auspicious. It is believed that the 'Surya Bhagawan' (the Sun God), changes the direction of his chariot from north to south, so this changeoveruttrayan to Dakshinayan is celebrated as a festival. This falls sometime between July 15th and August 15th, the beginning of the fourth month Aadi of the Tamiland.Kadakam’& Ashada month in other languages. Once aadi month starts all other festivals follow one by one. Tuesdays and Fridays of this month are auspicious. Every Friday is celebrated as "Aadi Velli".

A lot of festivals are celebrated in the month of Aadi. Tamil month Aadi is an auspicious month that has five Fridays. All these Fridays especially the 1st, 3rd and 5th are very auspicious. Preparing sweets for nevidhyam and offering (prasadam) to the goddess, visiting temples, doing special pujas are all the must do things those who have belief and faith in God. And today is first Aadi.velli &Guru Poornima.. Today is very auspicious day. Many tamilians & Iyers also offer Maa Vilakku on one of the Aadi Velli Kizhamai to the Goddess. For the benefit of the families who have this practice,. Actually Mavilakku Mavu offering is very special in sankaran kovil in front of Gomathy Amman. In my mothers place we have the practice of maavilaku. In my mother house we make this offering to Amman & perumal Any friday of the tamil months Aadi, & Thai. In my village in the month of Purattasi we offer maavilaku in permal kovil on dassera dayWe make this offering at home and it is supposed to be very good for the family. Mavilakku mavu is made up of jaggery,ghee and rice flour.But In my Mother in law house they didn’t practice of maavilaku. So After my marriage I used to offer Panchmirutham vilakku…on Aadi & thai velli.

Panchamirtham (Fruit Salad)

The word Panchamruta means Amrut/Amrit (immortal mixture) made by mixing five saatvic, or wholesome and healthy ingredients. Panchamrutham consists of mainly 5 ingredients namely fruits,,honey, sugar candy (kalkandu),,jaggery and ghee.In panchamirtham that add of all the fruits as small pieces, as many as you like but most that suits are Banana, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Pine apple and pomegranate, jackfruit , guava. Etc .then we have to add dates, kismis, sugar candy (kalkandu), cardamom and ghee in proper proportions: Panchamirtham (Fruit Salad) Performing Abhishekham with Panchamirtham to Lord would enhance our family longevity& happiness. You would be able to lead a life of contentment. Amicable relationship would be maintained by us with our friends and relatives. Honey: would provide with melodious voice. We would lead a healthy life with name and fame.

Procedure of Panchamruta vilakku / Mavilakku

Mavilakku ( lamp made of rice flour )or Panchamruta vilakku is placed on a banana leave. Many women who put this lamp on their bodies ( mostly in the stomach region ) can be watched. This ritual is executed to attain cure of an illness by the help of the Goddess. It is carried out in front of the sanctum sanctorum ( garbha griham, tamil version of the word garbha griha ) of the particular templePlace the dough in the banana leaf and make it in a way so that we can pour the ghee and light the lamp. Place chandan and kumkum to all the four corners, pour the diluted ghee and place the cotton thiri facing east west direction and light the lamp.Also have to keep Vetriali,Pakku,Fruits along with Mavilakku.

Generally in our house we read Lalithamabal shobanam &Lalitha sahasrnamam.After we light the lamp. During this time we have to make sure the thiri is okay and still the lamp is on. Once we read all the slokas then take the thiri from the west side and place it in the east side and let the lamp be lit until the ghee is over.

Mavilakku Mavu

Recipe for a MaaVillakku:

Rice - 2 cups

Jaggery - 1 cup

Cardamom - 2 nos


Method of Preparation

Soak the rice for 1 hour. Drain well and spread on a white clothand grind it in mixie as a fine powder.For 1 cup of rice flour take 1.5 cups of jaggery(just a measurement)Mix both riceflour and jiggery, and cardamom by hand make like a dough.Dilute the ghee and keep it aside.On a banana leaf or Plate shape this dough in to the shape. Pour ghee and place a thiri.Light the thiri and offer your prayers


ST said...

Yes we also prepare panchamrutam and Maa vilaku called as Annam Parmannam (telugu) as naivedyam for god during festivals.....

Sameera Ansari said...

The "vilaku" looks so beautiful.

Have a good Aadi :)

Jaishree Iyer said...

Thank you siresha nice to know that you also preparing this for festival.

Thank you sameera for your sweet wishes dear.

Indian Khana said...

Ohh its Aadi now..okie ! and the picture is so gud...I'm feeling so delight after having a look itself..nice post