Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Award And Me me..

Its awards time again A new blogger friends of mine again gave me such recognition this week. Vegetable Platter has awarded my blog A GIANT BEAR HUG :):). Giant big big hug to U .

My friend Sireesha passed me the Nice matters blog award. I am so happy to receive this wonderful awards from both of you.

Thanks sooo much to both of you for thinking of me passing this award to me and receiving award from both of you is a great honor. I am so excited and happy to share my awards with u all.

I would like to share this A GIANT BEAR HUG award with

Beyond The Usual

Sumas cousine

Andhra Flavours

Sireesha gave me NICE MATTER AWARD. Thank you Once again sireesha .I wish pass this awards to

Vegetable Platter

srikar's kitchen

Sumascousine suma gave me YUMMY BLOG AWARD.. I like to pass this awards to

Vegetable Platter


Congrats Everybody........


Maheswari said...

Thank you so much MV..Loved your khandvi..

hemanth said...

oh wow congrats..

Hemanth Potluri said...

hey congrats srry..used rong id del the above comment

Unknown said...

Thanks.....Thundering typhoons.... my blog(SEE MY BLOG)...

Sum Raj said...

thank u soo much for passing it to me....happy to rec from u ...really its a pleasant surprise...and congrates to u tooo

Unknown said...

congrats on your awards enjoy the awards

Jaishree Iyer said...

Thank you maheswari, hemant.
thankyou sripriya for yr award.
Thank you suma.I too happy to pass this award to u& all.