Tuesday, July 28, 2009


First I wish to Thank u all for your support &and for your consoling words... Still I am on the same situation. Trying back to normal.. . I decided not to blog for sometime now. But I decided to be positive during tough times and make myself busy in some work when things have gotten beyond my control. . However, I have decided to keep posting at least once in a week.

Now a days being spiritual I started new blog name Bhakti. This blog consists The most important temples, mantras and stories related to spiritual whatever I know, I heard, I read through spiritual books will be described in this blog.

All of it is a journal of my journey on the search for True Bhakti. I am welcoming u all on this Spiritual journey... Your suggesstion and feedback are welcome!

Kunukkus are so delicious and they taste amazing. It is traditionally prepared by soaking dhals and rice and grinding with chillies and salt and the batter is deep fried like bonda. For a quick version, I make it with left over idli / dosa batter .It is a perfect delicious snack for a rainy evening!


Idli batter - 1 big bowl

Maida or rava - 2 to 3 tablespoons

Cooking soda - a pinch

Onion - 1

Green chillies - 2

Curry leaves - few

Asafoetida Powder - 1/4 teaspoon

Oil - for deep frying


In the idli batter Add maida or rawa and mix well.

Chop onion and green chillies finely

Add a pinch of salt , hing powder , chopped onion , green chillies and curry leaves to the batter.

Heat oil in a kadai and take a small spoon of batter and pour it in the hot oil. Fry till it turns light brown.


Poornima Nair said...

Great to see you back, a positive attitude is all you need. Your new blog sounds great.
I love kunukku...great snack.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Yes dear, I too involve myself more in blogging whenever things go their way. Btw, I will definitely go thro ur another blog and will tell u now.
I tasted this snack long back , but dont know the recipe. want to try it soon. Kunukku looks tempting.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Bakthi blog is really good. Very nice info. A must to read and know. Great work dear.

Raks said...

Perfect tea time snack,good to see u back!!

A_and_N said...

Stay positive. Things will be better. It is quite brave of you to take a decision like this.

Illatharasi said...

Hi Jaishree.... visiting your blog quite after some time... read through the tough times you had... I totally agree with the decision you have taken. Never think about others, your daughter should be happy. I am sure SHE WILL!!! God is there:)

I usually do this snack, but dont know its name;) Love this.

Purva Desai said...

Welcome back with a new attitude towards life.......will visit ur new blog too.....
Kunukku looks delicious and gr8 tea time snack

vidhas said...

Happy to see you back. Kunukku is my hubby's favourite dish .Tempting pictures.

lubnakarim06 said...

Happy to see u back dear......i don't know how i skipped the previous post....iam sorry to hear that but iam happy to know that you people have taken the good decision. May be she deserves somethig more good and better in her life....Bear hug to you....keep moving.....kunukku is new to me...looks yum....

Pari Vasisht said...

Kunukkus look tempting.

Priya Suresh said...

Good to know u r feeling better Akka...Kunukku looks delicious, prefect tea time snacks!!

Anonymous said...

I love kunuku very much, though amma makes with left over adai maaavu, patti makes this separately. Cute koodai and inviting kunukus. Tempting me to take one..Best Chakki Atta for all variety snacks.