Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pineapple Rasam

Pineapple rasam is a variation to traditional tomato rasam. This pineapple rasam is a sweet and sour combination mixed with ripe pineapple pieces, rasam powder, and pineapple puree and toor dal. and It gives totally a different flavor and taste.I like this rasam verymuch.

Pineapple – 1cup chopped pieces(1/2chopped pieces and 1/2 cuppieces for puree)
Tomato –Chopped  1 cup
Toor dal - 1 cup cooked
Rasam powder – 2 tsp (roast 3 red chilies, 1 tsp peppercorns, 2 tbspn coriander seeds, 2 tsp cumin seeds and make a fine powder)
Green chilli-1
Salt – as per taste
Seasoning (Ghee 1 tsp, Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp, Jeera 1/2 tsp, Curry leaves few, Asafoetida 1/2 tsp)
Chopped coriander leaves for Garnishing
1.Cut the tomatoes & pineapples and keep aside.
2.Grind the coriander seeds, pepper, jeera , red chilly coarsely and keep aside.
3.Take a deep kadai and boil 2 cups of water along with the pineapple cubes, rasam powder, salt, turmeric.
4.Meanwhile pressure cook toor dal and puree the dal.
5.After the pineapple cubes are partially cooked, add chopped tomato and let them cook too.
6.Then add the pureed pineapple and cooked dal to the simmering rasam.
7.In a small heated pan, add ghee, mustard seeds, jeera, curry leaves few and asafoetida.
8.Transfer this seasoning to the rasam,  and add chopped coriander leaves and  cover with a lid and remove from flame.
 9.Quick, tasty sweet , sour &spicy rasam is ready!

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Priya Suresh said...

Its been ages i prepared this flavourful rasam.