Monday, November 1, 2021

Milk Mysorepak

Milk Mysore Pak, a soft and melt-in-mouth sweet is a variation of the traditional Mysore Pak. It is Made with milk, maida,/Besan sugar and ghee, this sweet is extremely soft in comparison to its besan (gram flour) whisked continuously with hot sugar syrup. Complex flavours and simple textures are combined in this classic Mysore Pak recipe, to make a beloved sweet delicacy. . This milky confection is a perfect to share on any special occasions and festivals. Today I Prepared as Diwali Sweet. Came out perfect.


Unsweetened Milk powder- 1 cup

Sugar - 3 cups

Water- 1 cup

Ghee (melted and at room temperature)- 2 cups

Maida/Besan  -2 tsp



1. In a mixing bowl, add one cup of milk powder and two teaspoons of gram flour. Mix contents well by gradually pouring in half a cup of hot ghee in the bowl. Whisk the contents well into a smooth batter. Keep this aside.

2. In another bowl take the remaining ghee – 1 and 1/2 cups melted and at room temperature.

3. In a thick bottom pan at low to medium flame add sugar and 1 cup of water.    Keep stirring until it attains one string consistency.

 4. At this stage, lower the flame and add the milk powder batter. Keep stirring continuously so that it won’t stick at the bottom and gets burnt.


5. Once the mixture starts bubbling add ¼ cup of ghee at a time to it, stirring continuously, till the ghee is absorbed by it.

6. Mix the contents well without pausing and pour in the remaining hot ghee batch by batch.Avoid lumps and keep stirring. During this cooking process it turns into a nice color and also aromatic.

  7.  Once it separates from the sides and when it starts bubbling take a pinch of it and try rolling into a ball. If it is soft and non-sticky, switch off the flame.

  8.  Any excess ghee floating separately will be absorbed later when it has to set well. So, transfer the entire content from the pan to a greased tray or square-shaped cake tin. Butter paper or parchment paper can also be used and let it cool down.


9. It will take around 4-5 hours at room temperature. As it cools down, the center becomes darker in color than the sides.

Cut it into slices and serve it. Delicious MysorePak Ready Enjoy!




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